The St. Louis Real Estate Tax Relief Coalition is comprised of Park Central Development, Prosperity Connection, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, and the Collector of Revenue for the City of St. Louis.

Our Vision: A St. Louis in which home owners of all abilities and means are able to maintain ownership of their residence and exercise self-determination as to the future of their property.

Our Mission: To coordinate the efforts of public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic actors in preventing real estate tax-driven displacement of economically distressed St. Louisans.


Park Central Development  

In partnership with community stakeholders, Park Central Development works to strengthen and attract investment that creates and maintains vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts in the City of St. Louis.

Prosperity Connection  

At Prosperity Connection, we strive for every St. Louisan to have the financial access, skills, and resources to thrive. Through our best-in-class financial education and coaching services, we promote economic success, independence, confidence, and equity.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri  

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri advances justice through legal representation, education and supportive services. We partner with the community to improve lives, promote fairness and create opportunities for those in need.

Collector of Revenue

The Collector of Revenue’s Office for the City of St. Louis is a County office under State Statute, established to collect real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and the earnings tax.