RETAF Overview


In the city of St. Louis, over 50 owner-occupied homes are estimated to be lost due to tax foreclosure each year due to unpaid real estate taxes, sometimes over as little as $400. As the result of a tax foreclosure, homeowners face loss of housing stability and erasure of equity, while neighborhoods bear the burden of population loss and increased vacancy.

RETAF prevents these devastating events and keeps families in their homes by providing immediate financial assistance to owner-occupant homeowners who are at imminent risk of a tax foreclosure. In doing so, the RETAF leverages philanthropic dollars, not just for the benefit of individual homeowners, but for the benefit of their neighbors, neighborhoods and the broader community as well. That’s because property tax assistance also helps our local government fill its budget, which funds schools, parks, and other crucial services, and prevents increases in vacant property that harm neighborhoods and negatively impact health, crime, and property values.

Please donate today to help a community member stay in their home and contribute to the long-term prosperity of our city.

Are you an owner-occupant homeowner facing tax foreclosure in the city of St. Louis? If so, RETAF is here to help you. If so, RETAF is here to help you. Please visit to apply for assistance.

RETAF is managed by the St. Louis Tax Relief Coalition, formed in 2021 by Park Central Development in partnership with Prosperity Connection, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, and the Collector of Revenue for the City of St. Louis.